Title : Birth of the Bastard Prince

First Published: Rupa Publications
Publishers & Distributors
On Date Aug-2014
About the book:
Legendary courtesan Amrapali’s life story is enigmatic and extraordinary as her beauty and grace. Found abandoned under a mango tree as an infant, twists and turns of fate led her to become the Nagarvadhu, the most sought-after yet morally reviled courtesan of the kingdom of Vaishali. In Birth of the Bastard Prince, the sequel to the riveting The Legend of Amrapali, Anurag Anand explores Amrapali’s eventful life as the Nagarvadhu. He describes in thrilling detail the war between Vaishali and Magadh, in which Amrapali played a crucial role; traces her love affair with Bimbisara, the Emperor of Magadh, and the birth of their son Vimal Kondanna; reveals the royal intrigue and conspiracies that led to Amrapali’s tribulations; and finally explains how Amrapalu found the solace and happiness she so desired.

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