Title : Of Tattoos and Taboos!

First Published: Srishti Publishers
Publishers & Distributors
On Date Jun-2012
About the book:
What happens when a small-town girl is left to fend for herself amidst the glitter and glamour of a big city? As the name suggests, Of tattoos and taboos! is a story of drunken binges, forged and severed bonds, flights of fantasy and a set of bizarre happenings, which, for some, would suitably qualify as being social taboos. It is a story of transition – of Sejal Patel, an innocent impressionable girl into Sherlyn Ahuja, an archetypal image of a contemporary Indian girl: pretty, sophisticated and fiercely independent. It is a story of conflicts – between the values and stiff moral fabric of a small town and the flexible and malleable ethicality of a metropolis. Of tattoos and taboos offers you a rollercoaster ride into a world of salacious liaisons, agonizing heartbreaks and indeterminate motives – a world that could very well be the one that you live in.

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