Title : Reality Bites

First Published: Srishti Publishers & Distributors
Publishers & Distributors
On Date Jul-2011
About the book:
A sneak peek into life within the boundaries of a co-ed hostel; a compelling search for love - driven not by the callings of the heart but the anxiety of peer pressure; a passionate scandal; a hair-raising brush with certain doom and a plethora of unforgettable incidents weave together the fangs of reality – a bite that can alter lives. In pursuit of ambitions thrust upon him by his zealous father, Atul finds himself transported to a world very different from the one he had known – the Delhi High School hostel. Amid the cacophony of curious characters, bizarre rituals and peculiar circumstances, he decides to pursue an interest of his own – Ayesha, the quintessential femme fatale. What happens next? Does Atul succeed in his pursuit for love? Who is ‘She’, the mystery girl? What becomes of him and Bengali and Senti when they step out into yet another unknown world – the one beyond the confines of the hostel walls?

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